LATIN & GREEK SCHOOL OF DANCE is one of the oldest school in Nicosia and in Cyprus. The school of Dance was established in 1988 with the purpose of teaching LATIN INTERNATIONAL BALLROOM DANCE especially in SALSA, which was unknown at the time in Cyprus. These engraved founders and instructors, studied and participated in seminars in Greece, Spain and later in Cuba and tried to impart the art and culture of Latin Dance disciples. With the passage of time it seems that we have succeeded with results from 1988 where several thousands of students / dancers have graduated and who until today enjoy the art of dance in any part of the world they may find themselves.

Very important was also the teaching and dissemination of Greek popular and traditional dances with special emphasis on the most popular Hasapiko and Zeibekiko with excellent results.

Important reference point is that students who have graduated from this school, have now created their own dancing schools with great success.



Greek Dances

Greek Dances are divided into folk and traditional dances.

Latin Dances

Latin dance is known for being a versatile and inspiring form of movement.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is a dance that has its origins in Egypt.

Traditional Dances

Traditional dances are a key manifestation of traditional musical culture of Cyprus and Greece.

Newlyweds dance

You give us the song you like and we will make the most beautiful day of your life even more amazing with an unforgettable choreography for the newlyweds.

Dance with Us

For many years our school is participating with a great success at LATIN & GREEK DANCE PARTIES all over Cyprus and abroad.

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